I am certain that we are in a simulation. I'm not sure if I made it or not but if I did I'm sorry it sucks.
I think maybe we make reality in our heads and I screwed up somewhere, I think it's because I got in an argument with my Dad or something.
Let me fix my webpage, I'm not sure why I need to post here or if I actually do, but for some reason it seems important.
I'm sorry for putting my name on stuff and for being a tyrant, really I just wanted to figure out some way to help other people and that was the only way that seemed to work. Initially I didn't have any money so I tried to do everything myself but I think it made me very mad. So that's maybe the problem.
I don't really have time to do that so much anymore because I have a very strange and amazing and awesome family but I think there are probably other people who wish to feel useful and enjoy solving problems. Especially if we can do it together I think it might be really fun, but I can't really remember how to do that, I think maybe something has been wrong with me for a long time. I'm not really sure.

One thing that I believe is important is 5-MAPB and also the various psychedelics, I think they really will change the world. I think it is possibly as important as computers. They helped me to understand myself, at least temporarily, enough to see from other viewpoints and I am pretty sure that's the cause of a lot of the problems in the world and why people are hurt, and this will help them fix it. Maybe let's figure out how to synthesize all this stuff asap and make it available to everyone all the time because personally I feel that it's that important and amazing.  It is essentially a very short acting and very powerful antidepressant which works in 45 minutes and lasts 4 hours and does not seem to have any immediate serious side effects, even when used often. I think it may potentially be a risk for causing a heart valve problem or something with long term use maybe from what I read in the research, if it is not obvious I am just some idiot and not a formal neuroscientist or anything so I don't really understand the details very well. So it maybe needs to be more specific to certain receptors, it would be great if someone could fix that but I think it's worth the risk personally already myself and I genuinely want to suggest other people try it but think that's a choice they have to make for themselves. Being that I am already very depressed and screwed up to begin with it is worth it to me just to have myself back at all even for a bit. I think we could also develop robots very soon to make it so everyone has everything they want, that might already be possible just by believing it but for some reason I have a hard time imagining that happening without robots. I guess I'm not sure how reality works yet, if you need to have a rational path to explain things along with an irrational one, or if you can just go full out Jesus and change the hologram with belief alone. From a purely rational viewpoint I know that it is a tremendous amount of work, but I think to some extent the work is actually quite fun and people enjoy it at times as I know that I do, but perhaps only if they are not forced to have to do so. I kind of want to do it myself and I would try but I don't seem to have the time, and I'm really not sure if it's even necessary or not. But from a purely irrational viewpoint if we don't need to do it and there's a way we can all have everything we want without needing to do that, that's fine too and it would be easier so I'd rather do that I think. I'm just not sure how. I guess that's why I'm not God.

I'll explain a lot more as soon as I can. Hopefully this helps. I have no idea if it matters at all. I guess also if I am just crazy I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure I'm actually not and I figured something out. Everyone is really awesome. I kind of didn't know that so I was just a jerk, and I'm too shy and embarrassed and impatient to handle it and this I think fixes it.  Also I don't want to be a crossdresser that much I just wanted to say something embarrassing because I embarrassed other people and wanted to help somehow. I do think it's kinda hot when it's done really well but I am very happy with what I have and not really interested in it anymore, but if you are into something and want to try it I think it's OK but be also willing to put that stuff away if you meet the right person and they aren't into it, the most important thing is love. Facebook keeps blocking me from saying stuff so I can't clarify further, I guess it's fair because I was saying hurtful stuff. But I also get scared by that because of things like this where I can't say anything, but I probably shouldn't ever say anything even jokingly mean. But it's also good because I can just post stuff on my own website and people don't have to see it. I just never understood what Facebook was for really but I think it is very useful if you know how to talk to people without being hurtful, so I'll try to use it more appropriately.

I think we all won.